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Appointment Preparation

Here is a list that you MUST READ prior to your scheduled appointment. Please DO read them carefully and feel free to ask if you have any questions. If I show up for our scheduled appointment and these items are not complete then there will be a $65 travel fee and we will have to reschedule.

  1. Please have all items out of the bathroom. This includes shower curtains, shampoo bottles, soaps, paintings on the wall, towels, rugs, and any items on your countertops. Any enclosed items that are in cabinets or drawers do not need to be removed.

  2. There will be close to 3000 cubic feet of air circulating around the bathroom per minute during the refinishing process. To avoid dust, dirt, and debris settling in the very thick and sticky surface, please make sure that your bathroom is clean and no sanding or exposed demolition is taking place. It will be your responsibility to do a once over cleaning before our appointment. I will not do the work if the bathroom has any loose debris.

  3. Refinishing should be one of the very last steps in your remodel. Any tile work, drywall, grout, or plumbing should be completed prior to refinishing. Do not caulk your tub or regrout where the bathtub and surround or floor meet. New caulk may be applied when the refinishing is dry and cured.

  4. Any Plumbing fixtures such as the drain or overflow will need to be replaced before our appointment if your intentions are to have new ones. If you intend to keep your current fixtures then the work can be performed while they stay in place.

  5. I will be running water in the bathtub or shower as part of the process. The work cannot take place if you have dripping or leaky faucets.

  6. Any and all bathroom lights and electricity must be installed and in working order. Painters lights, floodlights, and extension cords will not suffice.

  7. After the refinishing is complete, the surface must stay completely dry and untouched until the next day. This includes stirring up dust, any sprays such as air fresheners and cleaners, & any water.

  8. Payment is due in full at time of service by cash, check, or money order. If you must pay by card then it can be accepted in person but there will be a 5% fee added onto your total.

  9. If the tub or shower is your only one then you may take your shower prior to my arrival. Just be sure to dry it out before I get there. You may then shower the next evening.

  10. Feel free to call or text me at any time with any questions you may have. Once again, thank you for considering Refinish Tulsa for your refinishing needs. Have a wonderful day.